BBA Trains Lawyers on Limited Assistance Representation (LAR)

The Boston Bar Association just held its annual training for lawyers on how to provide Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) services for clients.  For clients, hiring a lawyer certified in Limited Assistance Representation may be an affordable way obtain legal assistance with your issue, usually at a lower cost than some traditional forms of representation.  This option is appropriate for clients who need legal representation in a single aspect of a case, but cannot afford the full costs of an attorney.  If you would like more information on how a LAR certified attorney can help you, please call the BBA Lawyer Referral Service main number, 617-742-0625, or submit an online request.  Currently, LAR is allowed in the Probate and Family Court, Land Court, Housing Court, Boston Municipal Court for civil cases, as well as certain civil proceedings in the District Court.

For attorneys interested in becoming LAR certified, there will be another certification training at the BBA on March 13th

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