Changing a Child Support Order

October 6, 2017 – If circumstances have changed since you last entered into a child support order, you might be able to make changes to it.  A court can modify child support if one of 3 changes happens. (1) A parent’s income changed, (2) certain expenses for taking care of your child have changed, or (3) a parent’s health insurance choices have changed.

It does not matter if you receive or give child support – if either parent’s life has changed, you can ask the court to modify certain aspects of the order, such as:

  • The “weekly support amount” which is the amount you get from the child support  guidelines worksheet
  • Each parent’s share of routine medical and dental expense over $250 each year
  • Each parent’s share of unexpected medical and dental expenses
  • Each parent’s share of other child-related expenses (ex: educational expenses )
  • Which parent pays child support
  • Which parent provides health insurance
  • When the order will end

If you are a Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Division customer, the Department of Revenue can assist you in requesting modifications for your child support order. In this case, you must contact the DOR before filing to ask them for the appropriate forms and mail them to this address:

Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Child Support Enforcement Division
P.O. Box 7057
Boston, MA 02204
Attention: Modification

For more information on how the DOR can help you with child support modification, click here.

Additional information about Child Support orders in general can be found here. If a legal issue arises and you would like to speak with a lawyer, please contact the Boston Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service at 617-742-0625 or submit an online request form here today!