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What to Know About Slip & Fall Cases

If you suffered a slip and fall on an icy public sidewalk, a wet supermarket floor, or a stair, it may not be your fault.

Slip and falls are a big issue this time of year when surfaces are icy and slick. It is the responsibility of the business or owner to clear their property of snow and ice for the safety of those walking by. There may be a legal duty to make sure the sidewalk is properly salted, or wet areas in a store are properly labeled.  This means the owner may be liable for any injuries that you suffered.

Time is of the essence with personal injury cases, so if something happens, it is always best to consult an attorney right away. If you have any questions whatsoever about your slip and fall case, please call us at (617)-742-0625 or submit a request online so we can refer you to an attorney today.


Important Information about Immigration Changes

Several weeks ago, President Obama announced changes to current immigration policy that will protect nearly 65,000 undocumented people in Massachusetts from deportation (“Administrative Relief”). Because the policies have not been put into law yet, at this time no applications are available for individuals.

This means that it’s very important to be careful of scams, from either “notarios” or immigration consultants that ask you to pay money for assistance.  You should NOT be paying anyone any money at this time for advice.  Also, remember only a licensed attorney can give legal advice.

The applications for relief will be ready between February and May of 2015.  When the applications become available, there will be free legal clinics offered through the City of Boston Office of the New Bostonians for those who qualify.  Others may need to contact a private lawyer.  A good place to start your search is with the Boston Bar Lawyer Referral Service.  All of our lawyers are licensed and experienced to help you with your immigration needs.   You can contact us by the phone at 617-742-0625 or online here.

We will be updating our website with more information about the immigration policy changes as they are announced, so check back with us later for more details.



BBA LRS Attends Massachusetts Conference for Women

Early this month, the BBA’s Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) participated in the Massachusetts Conference for Women to raise awareness about its services to the public.  Nearly 10,000 individuals attended the event at the Boston Convention Center.

For more than 50 years, the LRS has been a trusted resource for those looking for legal help.  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on how we can assist you.

If you think you need legal help, contact us at 617-742-0625, or submit a request online, here. 


Massachusetts Health Connector Now Open

Open enrollment began last weekend for health insurance plans purchased through the state’s independent marketplace, the Massachusetts Health Connector (“The Connector”).   The Connector serves those who don’t get health insurance through their employers.  If you do not have health insurance and are:

  • self-employed;
  • unemployed;
  • employed, but work somewhere that does not offer insurance coverage

Make sure you know your rights as a consumer. Using the Connector differs from buying insurance coverage directly from an insurer, so it’s important that you understand your options. Boston Globe article, Straightforward answers about using Mass. Health Connector lays out the basic information you need to know.

You can also visit the Connector website directly ( to explore coverage options and find out more.

If you are looking to hire a lawyer for any legal problem, including getting health insurance coverage, you can contact the intake staff at the BBA’s Lawyer Referral Service either on the phone (617-742-0625) or through our online request form.

BBA Task Force Released Report


The Boston Bar Association’s Task Force to Expand Civil Legal Aid in Massachusetts concluded its 18 month study by issuing a report, Investing in Justice: A Roadmap to Cost-Effective Funding of Civil Legal Aid in Massachusetts.   According to the data, insufficient funding makes Massachusetts legal aid inaccessible to nearly two-thirds of low-income residents who qualify for it.

The study validates that for every dollar spent on civil legal aid, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts saves between $2 to $5 – indicating that an increase in funding will benefit society and the state’s economy.  With that in mind, the BBA Task Force calls for a $30 million boost to funding for legal aid programs from the state.

Read the press release of the long-awaited report here, or the full report here.

The release of the report has also garnered significant press coverage, including the following highlights:

BBA LRS Celebrates Diversity at Cambridge Carnival

During the first weekend of September, the BBA Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) joined in the festivities at the 21st annual Cambridge Carnival International, a celebration rooted in African traditions that brings together the area’s diverse community. This year’s festival drew an estimated 150,000 people, making it the largest festival in Cambridge.

Carnival attendees who stopped by the BBA’s booth learned about the BBA and how to receive a referral from the BBA LRS, only ABA-approved lawyer referral service in the greater Boston area.  This is the 4th year that the BBA staff had a booth at this event.  Attending events around greater Boston is one way that the LRS reaches out to the public about the services we provide.

For more information, or to request a lawyer, please call us at 617-742-0625, or submit a request online, here.  We have intake in both English and Spanish.



BBA LRS Launches Spanish Language Website

This month, the BBA Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) launched a new Spanish-language website.  The website provides all of the same features found on our main site, and has a fully responsive design to mobile and tablet technologies.  The BBA LRS has been committed to connecting historically underserved populations with lawyers and legal resources for over 50 years.  The LRS has a bilingual staff member and developed the site in response to the increase of Spanish callers over the years.

Check out the Lawyer Referral Service’s new Spanish site directly at or through the language toggle option located at the top this site.


BBA LRS at Boston Pride

This past weekend, the BBA Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) joined thousands celebrating the LGBT community at the 44th annual Boston Pride Festival. BBA staff set up their booth at City Hall Plaza to reach out to the community, informing attendees on how to obtain legal assistance through the Lawyer Referral Service, the largest public service program of the Boston Bar Association. We make referrals to lawyers and other legal resources that specialize in the area of law related to your specific situation. We have attorneys that practice in almost 350+ areas of law, and are the only ABA-approved lawyer referral service in Eastern Massachusetts. To request a lawyer, please call us at 617-742-0625, or submit a request online, here. BBA LRS Pride Table

BBA LRS Honors Victim Rights Month

At the end of April, the BBA LRS attended the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance’s (MOVA) 2014 Victim Rights Conference in honor of Victim Rights Month in Massachusetts and National Crime Victim Rights Week.  The conference brought survivors and victim service providers together at Seaport World Trade Center for a day of learning and networking via multiple workshops and exhibits. As an exhibitor, the BBA LRS spread the word about the services of the program to the conference attendees.  In addition to highlighting the LRS and its reduced-fee panels, the LRS table had information about special projects for those affected by the Marathon Bombings, and the Military Legal Helpline.  If you need legal assistance please call us at 617-742-0625, or fill out an online request.

Liam Lowney, MOVA’s Executive Director opens the conference with remarks about the 30th Anniversary of the Massachusetts Victim Bill of Rights and the federal Victim of Crime Act.

Liam Lowney, MOVA’s Executive Director opens the conference with remarks about the 30th Anniversary of the Massachusetts Victim Bill of Rights and the federal Victim of Crime Act.

BBA Marathon Assistance Project

After the tragic events on Marathon Monday, the BBA offered pro bono legal assistance to small business and victims affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. The BBA recruited over 200 attorneys, firms, and law schools who were eager to help. The Lawyer Referral Service was able to match 65 small business owners and individual victims with volunteer attorneys. Below you will see a highlight of some of the clients we helped. If you need legal assistance please contact us.

Boston Bar Association Marathon Assistance Project

The BBA ‘Marathon Assistance Project’ has been an essential part of a 360 degree response to aid victims of this tragedy.
Liam Lowney Liam Lowney Executive Director, Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA)

“The Association has bent over backwards placing clients with exceptional legal professionals who have assisted families with varied needs. The Boston Bar has always been an essential partner in serving all crime victims… I’m proud to have worked with the Boston Bar on this project and look forward to continued collaborations in the days and years to come.”

– Liam Lowney

The Marathon Assistance Project

After launching the project to help small businesses following the attacks, new needs began to emerge. The bar rose to the occasion again – an overwhelming number of BBA members volunteered to provide help to those in need. Here’s the story, as told by four volunteer attorneys:

Searching for a Way to Give Back

Maura Greene – Law Office of Maura Greene

Maura Greene“I attended the service in the South End where President Obama spoke and sat next to a number of first responders – they were Longwood Orthopedic Surgeons, and I was thanking them. At the time I was thinking that they had such a skill set that that could be useful in the aftermath. I thought ‘what could I do?’ The BBA’s request finally gave me something concrete to do, a real way I could help, provide assistance, and be of use following the events of the Marathon.”
Maura wanted to do something to help support the people whose lives had been forever changed by the Marathon bombing. Read more of her story here.

Sorting Through the Issues

Amy Lipman-White – Law Office of Lipman & White

Amy Lipman-White“My client was a volunteer at the finish line with the Boston Athletic Association on the day of the bombings. The client was significantly affected by the bombing and as a result, missed numerous days of work. The lost income from work, in turn, resulted in being behind on the client’s rent. The client received an eviction notice and had a court date scheduled.”
Amy represented a medical tent volunteer who was so distraught by the events of the day that he had trouble returning to work. Learn more about the assistance she provided here.

Providing the Help that Only a Lawyer Could

Susan Baronoff – Murtha Cullina

Susan Baronoff” I worked with my client, state victim compensation and assistance personnel (from the AG’s Office and MOVA) on a variety of issues including victim compensation payments, and other available services and sources of benefits. I have been in contact with social workers, medical personnel and other organizations assisting Marathon bombing victims, all of whom have been providing help to my client”
After the bombings, Susan felt like she needed to “do something.” See the ways she helped her client here.

Looking Back

Christopher Strang – Desmond, Strang & Scott

Christopher StrangI am glad the BBA was there to provide an avenue for victims to get the help they needed. The most memorable moment of the experience for me was when a client said that my advice gave her ‘some comfort.’ In a situation like this, that’s all I could ask for – the opportunity to make these people feel a little bit better about what they are dealing with.”
Chris’ desire to help resulted in him advising a number of clients affected by the bombing. Learn more about his experience here.

The Issues

The situations described above weren’t the only ones that Marathon Assistance Project volunteers helped with. They also dealt with:

One Fund Claims

One Fund Claims and Massachusetts Crime Victims Compensation Applications


Tax repercussions of funding from private and public donations

Street Vendor

Education and school discipline issues


Employment, privacy and health insurance issues


Construction contracts for injured clients who were making their homes more accessible

The Boston Bar Journal

On Wednesday, April 2nd, the Boston Bar Journal released its Spring 2014 Edition, which included four feature stories about attorneys experiences representing clients in the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy. Read the Spring 2014 Boston Bar Journal here.

Want to Help?

100% of every donation to the Boston Bar Foundation Public Service Fund supports BBA projects like the Marathon Assistance Project, and will help us continue to be a first responder and have a positive impact in the City of Boston. Learn more.