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Lawyer for the Day Program at the Boston Housing Court

Last week, the Boston Bar Association (BBA) hosted its yearly program to train lawyers to volunteer at the Lawyer for the Day Program at the Boston Housing Court.  We thought this would be a good time to inform those with a landlord/tenant issue about the resource.

If you have a case in the Boston Housing Court, and do not have a lawyer, you may be able to get legal help at no cost. The Housing Court Lawyer for the Day Program helps low-income tenants and landlords with cases in the Boston Housing Court.  Volunteers are available on Wednesdays from 9am to 1pm for public housing issues and on Thursdays from 9am to 1pm for both public and private housing issues. The clinic is located on the 5th floor of the courthouse, 24 New Chardon St., 5th Floor, Boston. Assistance is in court only. The volunteers for this program are not available by phone or email.

The volunteers may help eligible low-income tenants and landlords with the following:

  • Brief advice
  • Assistance in preparing motions
  • Representation in mediation or negotiation
  • Representation on a Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) basis in court hearings
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If you are interested in hiring a lawyer through the BBA’s Lawyer Referral Service, call us today at 617-742-0625 or contact us through our online request.

Are You Facing Debt or Bankruptcy?

If you are concerned with debt, facing calls from your creditors, or being brought to court for collections, it is a good idea to speak with a lawyer.  An experienced attorney can discuss your options, and help find the best solution for your problem.

Filing bankruptcy on your own can be complicated, and your case is less likely to be dismissed with the help of a lawyer.

We make referrals to lawyers who are experienced in bankruptcy law throughout eastern Massachusetts, and offer low-fee consultations. Call us today at 617-742-0625 or contact us online to find out more.

Our intake staff can even screen to see if your income would qualify you for a referral to a free legal service.

Check out our Bankruptcy page for more information.


Bankruptcy Court

MA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights: What You Need to Know

Last year, the state of Massachusetts passed a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, which gives household workers (nannies, maids, housekeepers, home health aides, and others) more employment rights. Some of these protections include stronger wage and hour rights, protections against discrimination and sexual harassment, and rights to maternity leave.

If you need more information on all the rights that now apply, check out the National Domestic Worker’s Alliance website; here.

If you think your rights, or the rights of someone else, have been violated, speaking to a lawyer is recommended.  The Boston Bar Lawyer Referral Service can refer you an experienced employment lawyer.  You may contact us online or call us at 617-742-0625 to speak with one of our intake staff in English or Spanish. We also refer to bilingual attorneys in a variety of languages.

State House


What to Know About Slip & Fall Cases

If you suffered a slip and fall on an icy public sidewalk, a wet supermarket floor, or a stair, it may not be your fault.

Slip and falls are a big issue this time of year when surfaces are icy and slick. It is the responsibility of the business or owner to clear their property of snow and ice for the safety of those walking by. There may be a legal duty to make sure the sidewalk is properly salted, or wet areas in a store are properly labeled.  This means the owner may be liable for any injuries that you suffered.

Time is of the essence with personal injury cases, so if something happens, it is always best to consult an attorney right away. If you have any questions whatsoever about your slip and fall case, please call us at (617)-742-0625 or submit a request online so we can refer you to an attorney today.


Important Information about Immigration Changes

Several weeks ago, President Obama announced changes to current immigration policy that will protect nearly 65,000 undocumented people in Massachusetts from deportation (“Administrative Relief”). Because the policies have not been put into law yet, at this time no applications are available for individuals.

This means that it’s very important to be careful of scams, from either “notarios” or immigration consultants that ask you to pay money for assistance.  You should NOT be paying anyone any money at this time for advice.  Also, remember only a licensed attorney can give legal advice.

The applications for relief will be ready between February and May of 2015.  When the applications become available, there will be free legal clinics offered through the City of Boston Office of the New Bostonians for those who qualify.  Others may need to contact a private lawyer.  A good place to start your search is with the Boston Bar Lawyer Referral Service.  All of our lawyers are licensed and experienced to help you with your immigration needs.   You can contact us by the phone at 617-742-0625 or online here.

We will be updating our website with more information about the immigration policy changes as they are announced, so check back with us later for more details.



BBA LRS Attends Massachusetts Conference for Women

Early this month, the BBA’s Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) participated in the Massachusetts Conference for Women to raise awareness about its services to the public.  Nearly 10,000 individuals attended the event at the Boston Convention Center.

For more than 50 years, the LRS has been a trusted resource for those looking for legal help.  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on how we can assist you.

If you think you need legal help, contact us at 617-742-0625, or submit a request online, here. 


Massachusetts Health Connector Now Open

Open enrollment began last weekend for health insurance plans purchased through the state’s independent marketplace, the Massachusetts Health Connector (“The Connector”).   The Connector serves those who don’t get health insurance through their employers.  If you do not have health insurance and are:

  • self-employed;
  • unemployed;
  • employed, but work somewhere that does not offer insurance coverage

Make sure you know your rights as a consumer. Using the Connector differs from buying insurance coverage directly from an insurer, so it’s important that you understand your options. Boston Globe article, Straightforward answers about using Mass. Health Connector lays out the basic information you need to know.

You can also visit the Connector website directly ( to explore coverage options and find out more.

If you are looking to hire a lawyer for any legal problem, including getting health insurance coverage, you can contact the intake staff at the BBA’s Lawyer Referral Service either on the phone (617-742-0625) or through our online request form.

BBA Task Force Released Report


The Boston Bar Association’s Task Force to Expand Civil Legal Aid in Massachusetts concluded its 18 month study by issuing a report, Investing in Justice: A Roadmap to Cost-Effective Funding of Civil Legal Aid in Massachusetts.   According to the data, insufficient funding makes Massachusetts legal aid inaccessible to nearly two-thirds of low-income residents who qualify for it.

The study validates that for every dollar spent on civil legal aid, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts saves between $2 to $5 – indicating that an increase in funding will benefit society and the state’s economy.  With that in mind, the BBA Task Force calls for a $30 million boost to funding for legal aid programs from the state.

Read the press release of the long-awaited report here, or the full report here.

The release of the report has also garnered significant press coverage, including the following highlights:

BBA LRS Celebrates Diversity at Cambridge Carnival

During the first weekend of September, the BBA Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) joined in the festivities at the 21st annual Cambridge Carnival International, a celebration rooted in African traditions that brings together the area’s diverse community. This year’s festival drew an estimated 150,000 people, making it the largest festival in Cambridge.

Carnival attendees who stopped by the BBA’s booth learned about the BBA and how to receive a referral from the BBA LRS, only ABA-approved lawyer referral service in the greater Boston area.  This is the 4th year that the BBA staff had a booth at this event.  Attending events around greater Boston is one way that the LRS reaches out to the public about the services we provide.

For more information, or to request a lawyer, please call us at 617-742-0625, or submit a request online, here.  We have intake in both English and Spanish.



BBA LRS Launches Spanish Language Website

This month, the BBA Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) launched a new Spanish-language website.  The website provides all of the same features found on our main site, and has a fully responsive design to mobile and tablet technologies.  The BBA LRS has been committed to connecting historically underserved populations with lawyers and legal resources for over 50 years.  The LRS has a bilingual staff member and developed the site in response to the increase of Spanish callers over the years.

Check out the Lawyer Referral Service’s new Spanish site directly at or through the language toggle option located at the top this site.