Need a Qualified Lawyer?

The Boston Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service (BBA LRS) is a public service provided by the Boston Bar Association. We make referrals to lawyers or other resources that specialize in the area of law related to your specific situation.  Let the Boston Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service help you today.

  • We have attorneys that practice in almost 350+ areas of law.
  • All of our attorneys are screened for experience qualifications, carry malpractice insurance, and are in good standing with the State Bar of Massachusetts.
  • We have been trusted by the public for over 60 years to make qualified legal referrals.

Our hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can reach us at (617) 742-0625 or Toll Free: (800) 552-7046. You can also request a referral by filling out our online form.